Dr. Atreyi Mukherji MD, FRCPC, MPH.

  • Specialist in Infectious Diseases & Integrative Medicine
  • MD, Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Master of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA
  • Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, USA
  • Integrative Health Coach - Duke University, USA
  • Infectious Diseases- The Cleveland Clinic, USA
  • Internal Medicine- McMaster University, Canada


Although contemporary medicine has made many breakthroughs and powerful advances, it still remains primarily a disease management system. The current system leaves medical and allied health providers without the necessary time and training to help patients plan for their health and implement effective health behavior changes.

About Dr. Mukherji

Atreyi Mukherji is a specialist in internal medicine, public health, infectious diseases and complementary integrative medicine. She is also a certified integrative health professional coach; (1 year training) from Duke University. Dr. Mukherji is an experienced educator for Preventative Medicine.