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1521 Upper Ottawa St. Unit #4
Hamilton, ON L8W 3J4

Business Hours

Mon - Wed: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Thurs: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM


If you have an urgent medical issue at any time, please go to the nearest urgent care or emergency department. You can also contact 911 or Tele-Health if you need assistance. When our clinic is closed, for routine inquiries we will respond during regular business hours.

All office visits with the doctor are covered by OHIP, with a referral by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner.

There is ample free parking available and wheel chair accessibility.

i) Where do I go for blood work? We use any community lab for all our blood work. If you need Quantiferon Gold blood test done; it is offered at Lifelab at the Queenston Road location in Hamilton.

ii) Will tests be covered by OHIP? Please be aware that OHIP may not cover all tests ordered. The Lab will let you know which tests are not covered beforehand and will only proceed with your permission. You have the right to refuse any test ordered.

iii) Other testing: Lifelabs / Dynacare also offers Urea Breath Test, ECG and Holter moniting.

iv) Booked Tests and Referrals: Some tests and consults will need to be booked. In these cases, the office will be notify you when an appointment date has been provided to us.

i) WAIT TIME in Clinic: We strive to see our patients in timely manner and have a mutually respectful environment. Please be considerate of the fact that people coming to our clinic are struggling with health issues. As a result, in some visits, they may bring up new concerns which require additional time with the health care team. This may or may not contribute to wait times.

ii) WAIT TIMES for First Consultation: We triage all our referrals. Wait times for new referral could be one week to 3 months.

You must provide 2 business days’ notice to cancel and or reschedule an appointment. Otherwise a NO SHOW Fee will apply, prior to your next appointment.