Philosophy of Care

ELM Medicine is a Specialist Medical Clinic in the scope of Integrative Internal Medicine, Weight and Diabetes Management, Liver Disease, and Chronic Pain & Trauma focused psychotherapy. All office visits are covered by OHIP, with a referral by a Medical Doctor (MD) or Nurse Practitioner ( NP). 

Our Clinic integrates conventional medical care by a specialist, with nutrition counselling & psychotherapy for stress reduction. We also provide ongoing follow up and provide tools that support patients, to help themselves. 

Not everyone will need or be interested in this whole person approach, which is ok. We will meet our patients where they are at, based on their values and health care needs. 

The Clinic Team includes Medical Doctor and Allied Health Care Professionals. 

Overall the clinic’s philosophy is to use the least invasive approach to improving health whenever possible. Our approach is personalized care, integrating the best research supported aspects of conventional & lifestyle medicine.

Meet our Medical Director!

Dr. Atreyi Mukherji MD, FRCPC, MPH

Atreyi Mukherji MD, MPH, FRCPC

Atreyi Mukherji is a specialist in Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases & Integrative Medicine. She has acquired two additional years training in medical nutrition and complementary medicine. Dr.Mukherji has 5 years+ training and experience in health behaviour counselling and medical psychotherapy.

Dr. Mukherji is a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada & the Medical Psychotherapy Association of Canada.

  • Internal Medicine -McMaster University
  • Infectious Diseases Fellowship-The Cleveland Clinic
  • Master of Public Health-Johns Hopkins University
  • Integrative Health Coach Certification( 12 month)- Duke University
  • Integrative Medicine Physician Fellowship -University of Arizona, Dr Andrew Weil
  • Heart Math Institute Biofeedback Professional Certification
  • Living Life to the Full ( CBT) Facilitator Certification- BC Mental Health Association
  • CBT - Beck Institute
  • EMDR Psychotherapy for Chronic Pain & PTSD -Niagara Stress Clinic & EMDRIA