OHIP Covered Psychotherapy in Hamilton

If you suffer from chronic stress, we can help you find the relief and peace you need for a happy life. ELM Medicine is a stress reduction clinic that offers OHIP-covered counselling in Hamilton. If you’ve been referred by a medical professional, let our covered services guide you to a stress-free life.

Who Is Covered?

Anyone who is a Canadian citizen gets to benefit from OHIP, which means you can receive a number of health services, such as our psychotherapy services, at no charge.

Why Do I Need Psychotherapy?

Stress reduction therapy is a crucial process that helps those who deal with anxiety and stress find happiness. It also reduces the risk of a lot of stress-related conditions like headaches, insomnia, and infections.

Reduced stress also offers a number of other benefits like:

  • Increased confidence and patience: Stress can cause anger and fear, but when you learn to manage your stress through our OHIP-covered psychotherapy, you’ll have increased patience and ability to make decisions.
  • More motivation and drive: Fear and nervousness limit our ability to make progress and accomplish goals, so after treatment, you will have the power to set and achieve goals and increase productivity.
  • Healthier relationships: When you learn to communicate about your stress-related problems, you’ll inherently have better and healthier relationships built on trust and reliability.

Everyone deserves these benefits in life, which is why a medical professional can recommend ELM Medicine to help you understand and cope with your stress.

Who Are We?

Our goal at ELM Medicine is to help those with stress and anxiety find relief through our OHIP-covered services. We know that counselling can be expensive, but with a referral from your doctor, you can finally get the help you need.

Talk to your doctor today to see if you qualify for OHIP-covered counselling, then call us at 905-318-3006 to get the stress relief you need.